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The HARDS company offers the installation and implementation of the ESI platform (the Electronic Computer System) which helps  editing Internet services. The product has been created to help organizing web-sites that undergoes constant changes. It is now one of the most advanced tools on the market. It is highly appreciated by a group of editors.

We have created the ESI platform with the use of MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. The ESI enables an easy creation and administration of Internet complex websites as well as helps editors in different places to cooperate on the project. Additionally, it also supports several language versions of a website. Some of the example websites are listed below.

Certyfikaty SSL

Oferujemy usługi rejestracji on-line, a także wznawiania certyfikatów bezpieczeństwa SSL.More

Whois Lookup

Get information about the domain owner, address details, domain registrar.More


We design and implement web applications using browser as a work environment for their interfaces.More